Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Extended Presidents' Day Weekend for Burbank Schools Friday 14th - Monday 17th

Just a friendly reminder Burbank, CA drivers will appreciate.  Burbank Unified School District children are scheduled off for the coming extended holiday weekend this Friday to Monday - giving drivers free access at all intersections close to schools.  :)

BTW, does anyone teach their children anymore about the importance of moving through intersections quickly?  I grew up in the east coast where one never takes more time than is absolutely necessary out of fear drivers will get impatient and start moving.
 *** All jokes aside - please be patient at intersections***

Even though the kids are off, Jill and I will still be working through the weekend so feel free to contact us if there are any properties you are interested in seeing.  Remember, holiday weekends can be a buyer's best friend with all the people heading out of town = reduced competition.  

By Philip Keppel
BRE# 01875431

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