Friday, February 14, 2014

Burbank,CA MLS Scheduled Open Houses for February 15th & 16th 2014

Here are all the MLS scheduled Open Houses in Burbank CA for the coming weekend.  Click on picture for expanded view:
Home Sales Burbank
By Philip Keppel
Burbank, CA Realtor

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Extended Presidents' Day Weekend for Burbank Schools Friday 14th - Monday 17th

Just a friendly reminder Burbank, CA drivers will appreciate.  Burbank Unified School District children are scheduled off for the coming extended holiday weekend this Friday to Monday - giving drivers free access at all intersections close to schools.  :)

BTW, does anyone teach their children anymore about the importance of moving through intersections quickly?  I grew up in the east coast where one never takes more time than is absolutely necessary out of fear drivers will get impatient and start moving.
 *** All jokes aside - please be patient at intersections***

Even though the kids are off, Jill and I will still be working through the weekend so feel free to contact us if there are any properties you are interested in seeing.  Remember, holiday weekends can be a buyer's best friend with all the people heading out of town = reduced competition.  

By Philip Keppel
BRE# 01875431

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh, so you're not responding to email requests now...

 The majority of agents out there are knowledgeable and will work very hard for their clients. Unfortunately though, not all in the industry approach their duty in the same manner which sometimes makes the rest of us look bad.  Many times I have contacted an agent trying to make an appointment only to wind up waiting hours for someone to call, email, or text me back.  It's not always easy explaining to an anxious buyer that it's not me forgetting about them - I'm just waiting for the other agent to contact me back.  Perhaps some sellers fail to realize the importance of having an agent who is responsive?  It happens so often, I'm at a loss explaining how some agents get listings!  I guess they must have one heck of a listing presentation. One important area sellers need to consider when choosing an agent is that even though some agents may have years of experience, or hundreds of sales per year, none of it matters if they can't be bothered to reply to requests in a timely manner.  Getting back to potential buyers or their agents promptly can sometimes be the difference between getting a home sold or not.  Having worked with plenty of buyers, I can safely say that not all are patient and will easily change their minds, moving onto the next home on their list if forced to wait too long.  For all anyone knows, that one buyer getting away could be the only one willing to pay list price (or over) for your home!

Yesterday I had a client interested in seeing one of our local homes.  My first attempt at an appointment was by email since I was on our realtor MLS when the request came in and found a convenient email link inside the listing when searching for the agents contact information.  After sending all my information with some requested time frames, I waited for what I hoped would be a quick reply.  After a short length of time without a reply, I decided I would try again, but this time by phone. Unfortunately I did not reach the agent on my second attempt, but voice mail picked up so I left a message with all my previous information.  More hours went by and still no contact? Getting frustrated, I tried the phone number again.  Again, I was given the voice mail  so I left another message with all my original information. 

After another couple of hours of waiting, I finally received a call back from the list agent.  I foolishly expected to find out what my showing options would be, but the agent started our conversation with how me she had missed a call from my number and was checking to see what I needed.  OK, so she had not listened to any of my previous voice messages, but surely she had seen my original email sent all those hours ago? Right?  Wrong -  for all my efforts, all I received back was an exasperated answer about how she was no longer checking her email due to the large amount of interest in the property.  Large amount of interest is a relative term so I'm not sure what her idea of large could be... 20, 40, 3 requests?  Now if I would just be so kind as to put my request into a text message, she will try to find out from the seller what was possible and get back to me ASAP.  

So here I sit writing this blog with 9:30 am approaching - more than 24 hours after my initial request.  I did text the agent earlier this morning for an update but still have not heard back.  I'll soon try calling again but am not very hopeful I'll receive an answer anytime soon.   

Not all agents are the same. Choose wisely.

By Philip Keppel
BRE # 01875431